CLIENT: Ubisoft


YEAR: 2014

GENRE: Action


SERVICES: Full localization


Quote As usual the dubbing delivered by Ubisoft Italia is excellent. The diverse music selection is also pleasant, though it's far from the quality of the GTA V radio stations. Quote

Quote The sound production is excellent. It features a good dubbing and a solid soundtrack, the ideal background music when speeding through the streets of Chicago. The Italian dubbing is good, though at times we preferred the original voice acting. Quote

Quote The Watch Dogs protagonist is constantly using his smartphone, so get used to GTA style conversations, especially when driving a car. Rockstar's position on localisation is well known. Ubisoft instead delivers a version of the game that is fully localised in our language. Thanks to the work of dubbing directors worthy of that name, the Italian acting in the dialogues is excellent. It holds up with the original version, though in English Aiden's voice is very raucous, but we doubt this solution would have worked in Italian. Quote

Quote The whole sound production is top quality. The Italian dubbing and the music that can be switched on from any car radio are both present throughout the player's free roaming experience. Quote

Quote The sound production is excellent. The dubbing is more than adequate and succeeds in giving the needed edge to Aiden and the supporting characters. The soundtrack features plenty of electronic music that perfectly fits the game's mood. Quote

Quote It's a pleasure to see a publisher making a real effort for the Italian dubbing of a complex open-world title where the number of audio lines is simply massive. Ubisoft has succeeded delivering excellent Italian voice acting, which in my opinion is even better than the work done on previous titles such as Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed. Rockstar should learn from this. Quote