Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

CLIENT: Square Enix Europe


YEAR: 2013

GENRE: Action


SERVICES: Full localization (IT, ES), Translation only (NL, BR, KO, CH)


Quote The Italian voice acting is top quality. The tone always fits the context. Quote

Quote The dubbing is definitely the result of a meticulous work performed by the audio team. Quote

Quote The sound production is very good. The Italian dubbing is among the best we've heard lately. Quote

Quote A special mention goes to the superb Italian dubbing. Lara's voice acting is really engaging and always fits the different game situations. Quote

Quote We already knew the game was going to be voiced over, but we weren't aware of the actual quality. The end result demonstrates the outstanding production values the game shows in all areas, and it has met the expectations set by its publisher, establishing itself as one of the best voiceovers of this generation for all characters. A section apart is deserved to a Lara Croft that feels so human partly because of her voice and her being constantly speaking, sharing her thoughts with us in the brief moments of peace or encouraging herself when the situation is dire, which is more often than not. Quote

Quote The game was released in Brazil 100% translated into Brazilian Portuguese. The subtitles are really great (even curse words were translated perfectly), which broadens the adventure to Brazilian gamers. Quote