Tom Clancy’s
Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Tom Clancy’s <br />Ghost Recon Future Soldier

CLIENT: Ubisoft


YEAR: 2012



SERVICES: Full localization


Quote The title arrives in our country with a good quality of translated text and voices . The sound effects are fantastic, as is expected from a Ghost Recon game. Quote

Quote All voices are in Castilian Spanish. As for most of their titles, Ubisoft has done a good job, which is particularly noticeable in the campaign. Quote

Quote As has been the rule in all titles of the saga, the Spanish dubbing of all voices is excellent. Quote

Quote Sound effects and music aside, the dubbing is enjoyable and fully in Italian, very detailed and lively, and we're not talking about a soldier shouting the usual 'love words' to his enemy, but about one who keeps on communicating tactical intel on targets (presence and numbers). Quote

Quote Concerning the audio section, the dev team has done a really accurate job with a flawless and immersive Italian dubbing, providing the title with an array of high definition sound effects to be enjoyed at a loud volume. Quote

Quote We like this title for its audio as well: nice music tracks, a good Italian dubbing and truly realistic effects that, along with the graphics, help you dive into the battlefield. Quote

Quote The Italian dubbing is very accurate. Voices selected for all the characters fit their appearance, especially the deep voice of the powerful Ghost Lead. Quote