The Darkness II

The Darkness II

CLIENT: 2K Games


YEAR: 2012

GENRE: Action


SERVICES: Full localization


Quote […] for what concerns the dubbing, we can say the dialogue has been optimally rendered in Italian. Quote

Quote Audio is very good; the soundtrack accents in the right way every phase of the game and never gets annoying. The same can be said of the dubbing, completely in Italian, which represents well each character. Quote

Quote The instrumental themes that accompany Jackie's feats can be compared to those of a well-budgeted movie production. The dubbing, amazing in the original English, is very good in Italian as well. Quote

Quote Acting and characterization have nothing to envy to big-budget productions like L.A. Noire; the Italian voices used for the dubbing fit well every character. Quote

Quote Sadly the soundtrack is quite mediocre, but the great dubbing (...) compensates this lack, giving also the option to choose between the original English and the solid Italian version. Quote

Quote The audio is well done […] and the acting of the Darkness is excellent even in the Italian version. Quote
Game Informer Marzo ‘12