Synthesis opens Taipei office to provide full localization services for Taiwan and Chinese markets.

January 30th, 2015
Synthesis opens Taipei office to provide full localization services for Taiwan and Chinese markets.

Continuing its growth into new and emerging videogame markets, today Synthesis announced the opening of their new office in Taipei, Taiwan designed to centralize their project management, utilizing local talents to increase internal resources for Traditional Chinese and Mandarin translation, LQA and voice-over recordings.

Following on from their new office openings in Brazil and Mexico, Synthesis has been localizing AAA games such as the recent Tomb Raider for the Chinese and Korean markets through its Singapore and Japanese offices. Now with the 14 year ban on consoles being lifted in China, Synthesis believes a centralized and full-service approach for the entire region is essential for current and future projects.

Max Reynaud, managing director and founder of the Synthesis Group said “We have had a presence in SE Asia for many years, and now with the addition of our Taiwan office we have the capacity to deliver our full localization services within any Asian market. Our clients are demanding more projects localized into Traditional Chinese and Mandarin, and Taiwan was the logical location to centralize our project management.

In just two years, Synthesis has been the first localization provider to expand its services into Latin America to cover every market and language, and the new Taiwan office now joins Synthesis Singapore and Japan to fully cover what could be considered the biggest and most vibrant videogames markets in the world.

Harry Inaba, partner and managing director of Synthesis Taiwan said, “Our Taiwan office has been established to be our main centre for managing translation, audio recording and LQA specifically for Traditional Chinese languages. Game localization is a new thing for many developers and publishers wanting to enter these rapidly growing videogame and App regions, especially in the Hong Kong and Macau markets. Together with our Singapore office, we can now fully service all our clients’ localization demands across all of South East Asia.