Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

CLIENT: Microsoft


YEAR: 2014

GENRE: Action


SERVICES: Full localization


Quote The Italian dubbing is fantastic. With many jokes, puns and profanities, even the most serious players will have to have a laugh. Quote

Quote [...] in the sound departement, we find a good Spanish VO, with crazy and charming voices that go alongside the game's humour [...] Quote

Quote A good job was done with the Italian recordings. They succeed in enriching the already great dialogues without sounding unnatural or over the top (and it wasn't an easy task). Quote

Quote [...] due credit must be given to the Latin Spanish VO, which maintains a very high level of quality throughout most of the game. Quote

Quote [...] We can speak of an enviable Spanish localization of our refrains, jokes, memes, popular internet sayings, metaphores, etc., as we've only seen recently in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, or in the bold and cocky main characters from inFamous: Second Son [...] The Spanish localization meets our best expectations, including the brief Elrubius cameo (who's not a profesional voice actor) or how the jokes and double entendres have been translated into our language. A few voices are a little odd, but we assume it's part of the atmosphere the creators were looking for. Quote