StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

CLIENT: Blizzard Entertainment


YEAR: 2013

GENRE: Strategy


SERVICES: Full localization / Testing


Quote The audio is impressive as always, with epic music and high standard dubbing. Our voice talents have done an extraordinary job. Quote

Quote Well deserved compliments must be made to the audio elements: the music composition of outstanding quality, and a special thanks goes to Activision Blizzard Italy for investing a great deal in the full localization of the game. It's very hard to find dubbed videogames with great quality movie graphics, and fortunately Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swam is one of them... Quote

Quote By playing the twenty missions you are also able to appreciate the dialogues between the different characters, during the intriguing storyline, thanks to an excellent dubbing. Quote

Quote The audio characteristics, on the other hand, don't risk to become outdated, thanks to the high quality of the music, and the impeccable job done with the special effects and the meticulous dubbing, with no signs of uncertainties, that have made the second episode even better. Blizzard really deserves a round of applause. Quote

Quote There is no doubt, Blizzard is extremely talented when it comes to creating intro movies and cut scenes, and with Heart of the Swarm they have definitely outdone themselves with a superior quality then the original game. Add an excellent dubbing and you get the perfect equation [...] Quote

Quote Excellent is also the sound, with audio tracks that perfectly complement the different in-game levels and the impeccable Italian dubbing. Dubbing of excellent quality. Quote

Quote Two thumbs up for the Italian dubbing - the game is fully localized in Dante's language, text and dialogues - the most inspired and convincing yet. Quote

Quote The dubbing in Italian has been done meticulously and results in a captivating experience. Quote

Quote The English dubbing is fantastic as always, but also the Italian dubbing is showing off great talents such as Elda Olivieri, who has no rivals when it comes to dubbing badass women. Quote

Quote The dialogue voices have been chosen with great care and the final result is excellent. The translations are accurate and closely matched to the original English version. Abathur deserves a special recognition for being able to communicate clashing sensations of instability and indifference in almost all of his dialogues. Quote