The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

CLIENT: Bethesda


YEAR: 2011



SERVICES: Full localization, Testing


Quote ..Absolutely flawless dubbing.. [..]…once again a great praise to the localization department. After the quite legendary Oblivion-debacle everything is in its place this time. Full marks you "Germanizers" Quote

Quote Very good Audio. The German dubbing is extensive and well done, same goes for the translation. Quote

Quote Excellent German version. Quote

Quote Anyone who remembers the German version of "OBLIVION" can breathe easily now. Quote

Quote An RPG subsists on the tone of its voices and the written word. And this time Bethesda invested a lot blood, sweat and tears into the German version. Very good German localization! Quote

Quote Generally speaking, Skyrim has been localized very well, which is a great achievement, considering the sheer size of the game. Yet, some criticism seems adequate: the same skilled German voice-actors repeat too often and there are some notable mistakes in the translation, which can be patched by Bethesda. Quote

Quote The Italian dubbing is excellent. If you consider the thousands of dialogue lines present in this game, I believe it is one of the best Italian dubbings of the last few years… Quote

Quote We'd really like to praise the effort put into the Italian localisation: hundreds of thousands of text lines have been dubbed by a team of professionals who are definitely up to the task. At times you will notice that two characters have been dubbed by the same actor, but considering the difficulty of the task we can only give the dubbing a thumbs up. Quote

Quote "In general the sound production of Skyrim is very well made. It features highly suggestive music (by Jeremy Soule, the same composer of the soundtracks of Morrowind and Oblivion) and an Italian dubbing of surprisingly good quality. ... the Italian localisation has been performed with the necessary care, avoiding the disasters present in Oblivion's translation." Quote

Quote The title is fully translated and dubbed into Spanish, a localization effort that is truly epic and really good for most of the 50 voice actors that brought it to life. A record breaking number in our country. Quote

Quote Hats off to Bethesda for taking into account the Spanish market! Despite the colossal size of the game, they have made a fully translated and dubbed version, when many other companies don't even try it with smaller titles. The Spanish voice work is pretty good, with more than 50 actors going to great lengths to reach the quality of the more than 100 actors of the English version, which has avoided one of the mayor faults of Oblivion (having too few actors). In Meristation, we truly value the efforts of the developers that go for full localization of their titles, especially if they are massive like Skyrim... We must thank the company for the effort made so that the Spanish fans could enjoy the whole experience without reserves. Quote