QA & Testing

– Analysis
– Test planning
– Functional testing
– User interface testing
– Bug location and correction
Quality Assurance comprises process monitoring and improvement, verification of standard and pre-established procedures’ application, and problem-solving.
Synthesis offers a series of services associated with QA that are vital for the performance of a multimedia product such as a video game.
Quality is Synthesis’ main objective, so the quest for excellence is paramount in each and every process.

Content Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is performed on all localized content (on-screen text, user manuals, scripts and so on). Not even a single word is delivered to our clients without thorough proofreading.
Synthesis has a full-time in-house team dedicated to checking and finalizing any videogame content.
First of all, the proof-reader checks the translated text against the source language in order to find and amend mistranslations, and any context related issues.
Finally, all the grammar, linguistic, compliance, and stylistic components are taken care of.

A full-time in-house experienced testing team is in charge of the videogame localization and functional checks.
Each tester is usually in charge of a single product for whatever time is necessary (from a few days to many weeks, depending on the complexity of the product’s gameplay), in order to guarantee perfect knowledge of every game level and every possible mode in the gaming experience.

Localization Testing
The tester looks for linguistic related issues: from implementation to grammar, from layout to consistency. All testers are native speakers.

Functional Testing
The test focuses on game mechanics, that need to flow glitch-free, and is assigned to capable gamers, such as those who find the perfect home at Synthesis!