Audio Recording

Audio recording is one of Synthesis’ main strengths: thanks to our global productivity, we are able to undertake audio projects with the utmost care and highest professionalism, from the very beginning to the end.
The output delivered by the professional talents we work with is based upon the recording types requirements (time/sound costraint, voice over o lip synchronization). This is due to the fact that these specifications imply a different approach to the directing of actors and the preparation of the audio sessions.
In Synthesis, the audio cast is a winning combination of people, talent, location and numbers:
– Qualified audio managers and sound engineers
– Hundreds of professional speakers, children included
– Averagely 4,000,000 words dubbed each year
– 6 recording and pre-post production studios
Here are our studios located in Milan, Madrid, Hamburg and Mexico City.

3 internal studios. Here’s the main equipment:

Microphones Neumann U87, Neumann TLM 103, Sennheiser ME-66, Sennheiser MKH-8040, Sennheiser MKH 416-P48, DPA 4060, Shure SM57, Schoeps MK41
Outboard RME Fireface UCX, Digidesign 192 I/O + Digidesign Pro Tools HD2, Digidesign 002R, Digidesign 003R, Focusrite ISA 220, Focusrite Platinum voice master
Mixer Yamaha 01V96, Behringer Eurorack UB1002, Behringer Xenyx 502
Monitors Mackie 824 (x7) + Subwoofer Mackie HRS-120, Mackie 624 (x2)
Software Nuendo 4/6, Reaper, Wavelab 6, Sound Forge 10, Audition 3, ProTools 10/11 HD, GRM Tools Compete 2, Flux TRAX, Multiband Granular, AATranslator, Digitraslator, Altiverb 7 XL, Soundtoys TDM Effects, Speakerphone 2, Waves Diamond
Tools Alto, SAM

3 internal studios. Here’s the main equipment:

Microphones Neuman U 87, AKG Tube, AKG 414 St, AKG 414 sp, AKG D-112, AKG C-1000, AKG 57, AKG 57 Beta, Brüel, Brauner Phantom Classic, Sennheiser e 904, Sennheiser e 914, Sennheiser e 905, Sennheiser E902, Sennheiser C-91, Shure 58
Outboard Solid-State Logic Strip Channel x4, Solid State Previo (XL Logic) x12, Avalon vt-737 SP x2, Avalon vt-747-sp x1, Tube-Tech SMC 2B x1, PreSonus ACP88 x1, Universal Audio LA-610 Signature Edition x2, Alesis 3630 x1
Mixer Matrix de Solid State Logic, Vestax PMC270A, Yamaha 02R
Speakers Dynaudio M3P Passive Main Monitor (1000 W), Dynaudio BM 6A, PSI Audio 17”, PSI Audio 21” , SubWoofer PSI Audio M-Audio – Studiophile BX5a, Behringer Truth 82031
Software Logic Pro, ProTools 8 HD, ProTools LE, Reason, Ableton Live, Cubase sx, Nuendo 3.0, Wavelab, Sound Forge 9.0

2 internal studios. Here’s the main equipment:

Microphones Neumann U87
Outboard Avalon VT-737SP Channelstrip, RME Fireface 400 & 800
Mixer Presonus Central Station, Regie ist nach K System eingemessen für präzise Beurteilung von Lautheit
Speakers Event 20/20 bas, Adam A7 + Subwoofer Adam Sub 8
Software Cubase / Nuendo, Wavelab, Sony Sound Forge
Klangbearbeitung: Universal Audio UAD Kompressoren & EQs, Waves EQs, Steinberg, Izotope, diverse Modulationseffekte – Metering: RME – Mastering: Izotope, Sony Oxford, Sound Forge – Restauration: Izotope RX – Enkodierungsstandards: Dolby® Digital, dts Digital SurroundTM
Microphones Neumann-U87, Neumann Tlm 103,Telefunken Ak47- Mkii (Tubes)
Outboard Universal Audio Pre- La-610 Mkii Strip & Tubes, Manley Pre Mono, Solid State Logic Pre Mod Xlogig Alpha Vhd-Pre
Mixer Matrix De Solid State Logic, Vestax Pmc270a, Yamaha 02ra
Speakers Dynaudio Mb5 Mkii, Adam Ax5, Alesis Monitor One/ Yamaha Ns-10
Software 2- ProTools Hd 10-11 Whit Omni Interface, 2- ProTools Le 10, 1- ProTools Le 8.0.3