Second victory at the Italian Video Game Award

April 10th, 2009
Second victory at the Italian Video Game Award

The second edition of the Italian Videogame Award took place in the gorgeous setting of Terrazza Martini, in Milan. This fairly new event was created and managed by Sprea Editori, in an effort to promote and reward the excellence of the videogame industry.

Following three months of online voting on the official site, the outcome is clear and proudly satisfying. Synthesis was nominated for 3 out of 4 titles in the Best Italian Localization category, and scored first place with Dead Space, the successful survival horror produced by EA, featuring the famous horror movie-director Dario Argento as one of the speakers included in the cast.

In the same category, two more titles localized by Synthesis were also competing: Prince of Persia (for Ubisoft) and Gears of War 2 (for Microsoft).
Like in 2008, when Bioshock (for 2K Games) and Call of Duty 4 (for Activision) triumphed, Synthesis’ team confirms its leadership in the videogame localization industry and holds still its own spot on the market.

Luca Reynaud, Managing Director of the company, says: “Our greatest fulfillment is to have entered the finals with 3 out of 4 competing titles. We are happy for the achieved results and we are really thankful to the players who acknowledged and appreciated our hard work, always carried out with great passion by our entire team.”

For the upcoming year, Synthesis is already working on some of the most anticipated titles in the game industry: this prize is just the beginning of a lot more work and efforts ahead of everyone at Synthesis, feeding our hope for 2010 to be another year of appreciation and success.

Here’s the prize!

(in the picture, from left to right: Leonardo Gajo, Localization manager, Luca Reynaud, Managing Director of Synthesis International, Luca Artoni, Associate localization manager, Emanuele Scichilone, Associate localization manager).