Rossella – Managing Director of Synthesis US

Meet Rossella, Managing Director of Synthesis US.

1) What is your name and where do you work?
My name is Rossella Mangione and I work in the Synthesis US office near Chicago, where I currently live.

2) What is your primary job at Synthesis?
I am the Managing Director of the US branch and a Partner of the SGS group. I am also a Project Manager, mainly for some of the clients based in the USA.

3) How and when did you enter the game localization industry?
I started in 2002 as a translator. I immediately connected with Davide Solbiati, who was a sort of Mentor for me in the videogames localization world. In 2004, I moved to Chicago for personal reasons and Max Reynaud, founder of the first Synthesis in Italy, offered me the opportunity to open a US branch to try and expand the brand out of the European borders.

4) What are you doing today?
Today I had a conference call with some of the other partners of Synthesis Pacific to discuss about the results of FY2014 and the opening of our business unit in Taipei. For the rest of the day, it will be mainly accounting.

5) What was your most demanding project and what made it so interesting?
The English recordings of SACRED 2. It was a massive production with a lot of characters and actors involved. It was a great experience for me and gave me a better understanding of how the voiceover business works here in Chicago.

6) What is your favourite game and why?
Mariokart is my favorite to play with my son, because he always beats me and I love the proud look on his face. I also liked to play the Phoenix Wright series a few years ago, that was very entertaining, since it paired well with my passion for crime and investigation books.

7) What do you love about videogames localization?
I love that each project is different, with different challenges. It’s never boring.

8) What do you dislike about videogames localization?
Probably the very tight deadlines, which is the one thing that all the projects have in common.

9) Final question: what do you do when you’re not sitting in front of your computer?
I try to stay fit, so I go to the gym regularly. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I like to gather everybody at my house and cook for them.