Luca – Senior Project Manager

Meet Luca, Senior Project Magician from Milan!

1) What is your name and where do you work?
My name’s Luca Artoni and I work in the Italian headquarter office, in Milan.

2) How and when did you enter the game localization industry?
Right after graduating in Economics I was introduced to Max Reynaud by my friend Mauro Bossetti, now head of our Spanish branch, and worked here ever since. 15 years, man, I didn’t realise it!


3) What is your primary job at Synthesis?
I’m a Senior Project Manager and a partner.

4) What do you have to take care of today?
The usual, translation and audio quotes, translation requests, dealing with multilanguage vendors across the globe, taking care of the Synthesis network (such as analyzing and preparing Synthesis Asia financial plan and budget) and some invoicing work. Oh, I even had lunch at some point 🙂

5) What is your “Synthesis nickname” and what is the story behind?
Lupin, a fictional thief – made very popular in the eighties in a Japanese cartoon – was my inspiration.

6) What is the funniest request you stumbled upon at your time at Synthesis?
After many trials & errors attempts, we managed to find the perfect audio setting/test required for a survival horror game. We practically wrapped the talent (and notice we are talking about a VIP voice talent!) in a couple of mattresses, and we had his head covered in blankets in order to achieve a perfectly “intimate” sound. Thankfully he was not claustrophobic! 🙂

7) What was your most demanding project and what made it so special?
Battlefield 3. The game was outstanding, the dialogues great, and we had to face quite many technical challenges in the process.

8) What is your favourite game and why?
I have fond memories of the Harry Potter franchise. I was there since the beginning and I felt very involved in the process. I know and like the books, and I saw the games evolving through time. It has been a truly all-round experience (books, movies, games).

9) What do you love about videogames localization?
I like the planning part mostly, dealing with different clients, requests, and filtering them out to our internal staff and to our Multilanguage vendors. I like the way we manage to adjust our services to any need. Sometimes I think we do magic!

10) What do you hate about videogames localization?
Tight schedules! And working with “in progress” assets. But this is what makes things interesting, right?

11) Final question: what do you do when you’re not sitting in front of your computer?
I often attend your typical milanese after-work “aperitivi”, drink&eat at the same time, as in Milan we don’t have time to waste 🙂 I like gardening and sports, and I’m also a basketball trainer.