Johannes – Localization Supervisor Audio

Meet Johannes “Naval War” Marguerre!

1) What is your name and where do you work?
My name is Johannes Marguerre, I work as a Localization Supervisor Audio at Synthesis Germany in Hamburg.

2) How and when did you enter the game localization industry?
I started my career in the industry as a freelance audio engineer and sound designer for games. The time I started working at Synthesis Germany I got in touch with the audio aspects of videogame localization.

3) What is your primary job at Synthesis?
As a Localization Supervisor Audio I try to pull the strings during audio production. As a former Project Coordinator in IT, I have a strong organizational background which is in fact a very good basis for coping with the sheer complexity of most localization projects we do here.

4) What do you have to take care of today?
I received a preliminary script today and sorted out some issues we might get during the recordings and reported those to the client. Other than that I took care of providing tasks for our trainees at the studio and some regular email communication.

5) What is the funniest localization flaw you stumbled upon at your time at Synthesis?
My favorite “flaw of the year” is for sure this one: We received a translation for a military shooter from a client. The bad-ass squad leader shouts at you during combat: “Everybody go prone!” This was translated as “Nun alle in die Bauchlage!” which is a medical term mainly used for babies. It was so hilarious thinking of this bad-ass guy being in command of a toddler group! 🙂 In videogame localization you always need to stay sharp during the recordings – even a single little translation flaw can be a lot of fun, sometimes this not intended …

6) What was your most demanding project and what made it so special?
It’s already some time ago but Skyrim had a significant impact on me. It was the first major localization project I was involved in as an assistant. I was coordinating the post production and I can tell you, it was not easy delivering those 70k individual files under the given circumstances! The epic release date – 11.11.11 – obviously could NOT be postponed…

7) What is your favourite game and why?
Honestly, I’m not a very enthusiastic gamer. Every once in a while I am checking out some new releases, that’s it. But I really like retro games such as Warcraft and Starcraft, or good old Unreal Tournament. That’s still great fun! Actually we have planned to have a good old LAN party with the team in order to play these classics very soon!

8) What do you love about videogames localization?
Strolling across the game section of a local store discovering one of the games we’ve localized.

9) What do you hate about videogames localization?
Frankly, there’s nothing about localization I hate, because I love solving complex problems.

10) Final question: what do you do when you’re not sitting in front of your computer?
Nothing spectacular, I like to meet friends, or do some sports like running or biking. Sometimes I try to make some music or building up little synthesizers and funny boxes for sound production …