How to get into videogame localization QA testing

September 11th, 2016
How to get into videogame localization QA testing

In the fourth of our six part series, we’re focusing on the Localization Testing needed for each and every game before it’s released. QA testing (or Quality Assurance) is the last step before the fully localized game is given back to the publisher or developer.

Throughout the process of localizing the game at Synthesis, many components, such as the translation and voiceover recordings, are developed by different departments and individuals. Once complete, they are put into the final game and it is the important job of the localization tester to ensure everything fits together perfectly – if not, the overall game experience is compromised, leaving unhappy clients and very unhappy players.

To be a Localization Tester you need:

– to be a native speaker and have excellent knowledge of the target language
– an excellent knowledge of English (written and spoken)
– a very strong interest in videogames across a range of platforms and genres
– bug spotting capabilities/attention to detail and high levels of concentration
– a good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
– the ability to work under pressure meeting tight deadlines
– initiative, self-motivation and problem solving abilities
– flexibility
– ability to work as part of a team
– willingness to travel for short periods

Your work would involve:

– testing videogames in order to check the correct language /content implementation
– verifying the accuracy of the translation (audio, text, required platform checklist) and ensure the product is perfectly localized
– reporting bugs in English in a clear and detailed way

Working hours and conditions

As localization testing is the ‘last stop’ in the process where you may find issues which need addressing, you would need to be flexible about your working hours, which could be long and irregular depending on the project. Expect longer hours and weekend work in summertime or when the videogame is close to submission.

Entry requirements

A solid linguistic background is important. Translation/Adaptation academic courses are a plus and are available in most countries. Also, as important as the real interest and dedication to videogames you need for this job, owning and playing console games regularly is key.

Connection to the ‘live’ English language, spoken in videogames, movies, TV series, comic books, Internet and peers is essential to do your job well (yes, at Synthesis we believe you need to play games as much as possible for this role!).

You also need a skill that is not “teachable”; you need to be as accurate and precise as a sniper keep a sharp eye on those pesky bugs which can make or break the gaming experience!

So, if you have a keen eye, love playing games and want the responsibility of ensuring each localized game passes with flying colours, this job could be for you and everyone at Synthesis wishes you the best of luck!

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