How to get into videogame audio direction

September 10th, 2016
How to get into videogame audio direction

For our third of our six part series, we’re looking at Videogame Audio Direction. For many videogames, actors are used to voice the in-game characters, adding pathos and emotion to the gaming experience.

They can be experienced voice-over actors (or talents as they’re known) or even global movie stars, but they all need help and guidance to deliver their script with the correct emphasis and tone to match the character’s activity in the game.

It is the job of the Audio Director, similar to a movie director, to work together with the actors to match their performances perfectly with the action in-game.

To be an Audio Director you need:

– to be a native speaker, have an excellent knowledge of the target language with some elocution basics
– an excellent knowledge of English
– an interest/familiarity in the entertainment industry (music, movies, TV series, comic books and so on)
– a good sense of hearing, pitch, timing and rhythm
– an artistic attitude
– a good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel
– accuracy and attention to detail
– an ability to work under pressure to tight deadlines
– self-motivation, initiative and problem solving abilities
– the ability to work as part of a team and have great communication and ‘people’ skills

Your work would involve:

– casting acting talents
– adapting the script to the different time constraints
– directing the performance of the voice talent
– ensuring that the script is fully recorded as per recording instructions
– suggesting any recording changes in agreement with the translation team and deliver the final script

Working hours and conditions
At Synthesis, we work with the very best actors in the world so you would need to be flexible about your working hours (which could be long and irregular depending on the project) and the actor’s availability and adapt to their early/late shifts. Expect overtime in summertime, but hey, you’ll be hanging out with actors, so it’ll be fun!

Entry requirements
Specific courses on audio visual translation/adaptation and subtitling are available in most countries. Acting classes are strongly suggested and movie/TV series fans are always welcome!

Overall, audio direction requires great skill in both directing actors and understanding the script requirements to deliver the emotional and dramatic voiceovers needed for AAA videogame experiences.

If you feel directing actors could be something you’re good at, we wish you the very best of luck!

For more information on potential positions at Synthesis, feel free to visit our website at the Careers section or please contact