How to get into localization project management

September 13th, 2016
How to get into localization project management

In our final part of ‘How to get into Videogames Localization’ we look at the role which brings all the other disciplines together – the Project Manager.

Every project needs a leader, someone who has responsibility for the entire project, ensures all the localization components are correct, on brief, on budget and above all, on time.

It takes a special character who can deliver the highest standard of localization whilst ensuring the client is happy and that the team are motivated. The buck always stops with the Project Manager and at Synthesis we only use the best people for these roles.

To be a Videogames Localization Project Manager the core skills you need are:
• organizational skills, high level of accuracy, attention to details
• excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken
• initiative, self-motivation and problem solving abilities
• the ability to work as part of a team, and with multiple teams, under pressure and within tight deadlines
• a good familiarity with Microsoft Word and especially Excel: filters, search and replace, formulas, etc.
• a strong interest in videogames
• the ability to work as part of a team, good communication and most importantly, ‘people’ skills
• knowledge of CAT tools is a plus
• translation skills, as well as any other potential skills for localization (audio, DTP etc.)
• a mastery of a second, foreign language is preferential
Your work would involve:

Being a Project Manager, your role will involve every element in the localization process. These include:
• managing audio localization projects
• managing translation files: analyse/prepare/provide localization assets, translation memories, filter and supply the correct instructions by assigning multilingual translators/proof readers/external vendors.
• updating in-game glossaries & CAT tool memories and sometimes finalizing translations
• dealing with clients
• delivering final localization project in the given deadline and on budget

Working hours and conditions
Being the one in charge of each project, you would need to be flexible about your working hours, which could be long and irregular depending on the project and on the clients’ different time zones. Expect longer hours in summertime.

Entry requirements
Specific Project Managing schools/college courses are useful. Degree in Economics or Engineering or similar is a perfect base for the job as skills as Time/Risk Management, Organization/Leadership are involved.

On the ‘human’ side, don’t forget that more than anyone else, the Project Manager works in a team, with the client and the vendors on both ends. As such, they have to know how to communicate and negotiate. Any ‘artistic’ side is welcomed as you’ll be working with translated scripts and content, but in the end, to be successful, enthusiasm and interest in the videogame/entertainment industry will be a definite asset.

‘How to get into Videogame Project Management’ brings us to the last part of our series and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. At Synthesis, our success is based on the quality of our people and we ensure each and every one of them gets the training and support needed to produce the best localized games in the world.

We wanted to share our insights and approach with you because we need the brightest and the best people to make sure everyone playing our games has the very best experiences for now and in the future.

We would like to wish you the best of luck in whatever area of videogame production you wish to follow and thank you for taking the time to understand what a fantastic, challenging and rewarding career videogame localization offers.

For more information on potential positions at Synthesis, feel free to visit our website at the Careers section or please contact