Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

CLIENT: Activision


YEAR: 2011



SERVICES: Full localization


Quote Regarding the dubbing, once again it sets a high standard. Quote

Quote The game arrives fully translated and dubbed with a quality above average. Quote
3D Juegos

Quote The praiseworthy Spanish voice work is complemented by the resounding impact of the weapons that make every shot fired very intense. Quote

Quote The soundtrack is very good, and the Spanish voice work is effective yet very far away from the original, which includes actors such as Ed Harris or Gary Oldman reprising his role as Reznov. Quote
3D Juegos

Quote The overall quality in the sound department of Black Ops is excellent, even if the Spanish dubbing doesn't reach the heights of the American version. Of course, having actors such as Ed Harris or Gary Oldman is a privilege, and even if the Spanish version does not reach that level, the acting is praiseworthy and its impact ingame and during the cutscenes is very high. Quote

Quote The dubbing is excellent and stands out for the appeal of all the voices heard in game. Quote

Quote The attention given to the Italian dubbing is definitely worth a mention with its movie style acting and good overall audio quality. Quote

Quote With a very convincing Italian dubbing, the sound production has reached high quality standards. Quote

Quote The perfect Italian dubbing is the icing on the cake. Quote

Quote The Italian localization features charismatic voices that always fit the mood of the game. Quote

Quote The audio is noteworthy. It features a convincing soundtrack, which always fits the plot, fantastic effects and a good Italian dubbing, supported by effective facial expressions and an almost perfect lip synch. Quote