Brazilian Portuguese Videogame Proofreader


We seek a native Brazilian to work from home proofreading videogame texts for the Brazilian market. Applicant has to be available from 12 to 20 CET with an hour lunch break (07-16 local Brazilian time).

Key Purpose:

Skills: • Native speaker in Brazilian Portuguese (don't apply if you have been living outside Brazil for more than 2 years) • High level of English. • Excellent writing skills. • Knowledge of videogames in current generation platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U), and next-gen platforms (Xbox One, PS4), portable consoles, mobile devices and Facebook games. • Excellent handling of Microsoft Word: spellcheck, search and replace, track changes, etc. • Excellent handling of Microsoft Excel: filters, search and replace, showing and hiding columns, and functions such as Exact, Len, etc. • To own a modern computer with Windows 7 or 8 64-bits (or Mac) with a processor equal or superior to an Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM memory and a hard drive of at least 300 GB. • Internet connection: minimum 10 Mb + backup (3G modem, for example). • Maximum punctuality. • Able to work under pressure and with tight deadlines. • High attention to details and organizational skills. • Discretion.

Working Hours:

12 to 20 CET with an hour lunch break (07-16 local Brazilian time)


Brazilian Portuguese Videogame Proofreader


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From home

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