Aron – Project Management for Translation

1) What is your name and where do you work?
My name is Aron Sayed. I work at Synthesis Germany.

2) What is your primary job at Synthesis?
Project Management for Translation.

3) How and when did you enter the game localization industry?
Via an application:). I entered in February 2014.

4) What are you doing today?
Filling out this form. Going nuts almost every day. Handling several project at one time.


5) What was your most demanding project and what made it so interesting?
Hmm…Good question. I think the most demanding project will arrive soon…

6) What is your favourite game and why?
Only one? A Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger (the music!), Uncharted 3, God of War 3, Infamous Second Son, Shenmue 2, The Adventures of Link, Skyrim…

7) What do you love about videogames localization?
It´s about text and videogames. What more is there to love?

8) What do you dislike about videogames localization?
The deadlines, the deadlines, the deadlines. And some projects:).

9) Final question: what do you do when you’re not sitting in front of your computer?
Vipassana-meditation, writing reviews for classical music and playing soccer.