Company Overview


Synthesis International Srl was born in Milan in 1995. The brainchild of Max Reynaud, it quickly became the largest Italian company offering video game localization.
Synthesis has been translating video game hits for 15 years, always remaining true to the original text. We not only maintain the style created by the developers, but also their originality and quality.
Since March 27, 1999, the Synthesis headquarters have been located at our new offices in the center of Milan. The team’s numbers are always increasing, processes have greater complexity and organizational flows are better structured.


Localization, multimedia, audio and video projects: the core activities of the “creativity lab” that is Synthesis.

In recent years, the company has built up a formidable standing; reinforcing its presence year after year in localization for the video game entertainment sector.
The simple fact that very few out of all the video games localized and published in Italian do not pass through Synthesis International is testament to our impeccable reputation. Our brand stands for quality and reliability, freedom and precision, sincerity and a systematic approach to work.

Having reached a leading position in the competitive world of localization and ensuring international credibility in the entertainment market, Synthesis International Srl has gone one step further: becoming the most reliable, expert and efficient localization company in our country. Relying on a partner network that is capable of offering services at the same level, Synthesis represents the single best solution for the most challenging and prestigious client.

In 2009 Synthesis International became an organization with an international reach, with the opening of branches throughout the world. Starting in Italy and Spain, Synthesis is broadening its sphere of operation with the formation of companies in Germany, the USA and Japan.


The future is a series of challenges to be tackled over the medium and long term: Consolidate, Grow, Create are the three keys to Synthesis’ future.
Synthesis unites the will to fulfill new objectives and to further increase our network of national and international cooperation.

Localization continues to be the main focus of our activity, but the sudden changes in the competitive scenario have moved us to rethink our work from new viewpoints and with renewed enthusiasm for the new challenges just over the horizon.